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In today's times the price of houses are continually rocketing and not every householder can actually afford to move house when the time arises. It isn't just the house prices which affect this, but additionally the cost of moving house, which can be horrendously expensive nowadays. Nevertheless moving isn't the only option open to you if you find that your family is getting too large for your existing property.

If your house is suitable, you might be able to build an extension to gain that extra space. You might need planning permission for this and this can be expensive. You could maybe do a garage conversion, as long as you've got a garage and aren't currently using it for your car. An outstanding resolution which can add a lot of value your current home while not increasing the property footprint, is to convert your loft.

Loft conversion has gotten quite popular just recently, primarily for the reasons mentioned previously. You need to be sure that your home is actually suitable for a loft conversion prior to you making your final judgement. Don't assume all homes are actually suitable, particularly newer houses that have roofs made with trusses. Slightly older houses which were constructed prior to the 1970's are usually great for loft conversions since they were created with solid timbers and there was normally a lot of headroom.

To ensure your particular loft is suitable, you will need to get in touch with a loft specialist to give it a look. If it is all totally fine to go ahead with your loft conversion, you could ask for a quote from the builder. Get several more estimates from other conversion specialists, so you've a varied choice of tradesmen. You ought not decide just on cost, use your intuition when choosing the best person for the task.

There is a fair chance that you will not need planning permission for a loft conversion, since the majority of conversions don't require this. Confer with your planning office or chat to your conversion expert whether planning permission is needed. Any local loft conversion company will have addressed this process time and time again in the past, that is why you should really ask their helpful advice at the start.

Despite the fact that getting a conversion is a great option for lots of householders, it is still an expensive project. It is extremely unlikely that a lot of householders will have that sort of cash available, therefore it may be necessary to get a second mortgage or take out a loan. As a guide you could expect a loft conversion to cost approximately the same as a fair size brick extension and the probability is that you'll generate more additional space with a conversion with out expanding your property's footprint.

Dormer LOft Conversions

That form of loft conversion you can get will depend upon the design and style of your actual property. Loft conversions are available in different designs for example: roof lift conversions, roof light conversions, loft pods, velux loft conversions, mansard loft conversions, dormer conversions and hip-to-gable loft conversions. Your chosen loft conversion specialist will confirm which style is actually most appropriate for your home.

Probably the most widely used kind of loft conversion right now is the dormer style, a kind that offers bang for your buck, and still yields the most extra space. This style is a well-liked option with house owners since it's both practical and appealing and offers all that is required. With this style it may even be possible to add a small balcony to your extra floor, meaning you are generating supplemental exterior space too. There are various sorts of dormer conversions and these include Velux dormers, shed dormers, flat roofed dormers and gabled dormers. Speak to a specialist to understand which one is actually the best option for your specific property.

Velux Conversions

Most definitely one of the most famous brands of roof windows, Velux, have been around now for in excess of 60 years and they can be depended on to supply loft windows which are both quality and effective. These are made to fit in line with the angle of the roof and thereby don't change the shape of the roof structure, nor do they generally require permission plus they are relatively inexpensive to fit. They let in a decent quantity of light and actually may even require blinds fitted during summer. If your loft has a fair amount of height, Velux windows could be perfect for your project, in particular if you have limited resources.

How Long Could it Take to Complete?

The timescale for a standard loft conversion would depend on a number of factors including the type of conversion, the reliability of the building company, the availability of materials, the degree of planning that is undertaken and the prevailing weather conditions. As a rough guide it should take around four or five weeks to carry out a rear dormer loft conversion on a terraced property and around 5 to 6 weeks to do a hip to gable dormer conversion on a semi-detached home.

When your loft conversion is finished, there are various uses you could put it to. You might turn it into a man cave, a new downstairs bathroom or an additional bedroom or two. But of course there's lots of purposes to which a well built loft conversion can be put, limited merely by your imagination!

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